Weichai Group and Bosch Group Join Forces for the Future

novembre 22, 2023

Weichai Group and Bosch Group join forces for the future new energy and technology.

Lovol’s Breakthrough with Baudouin’s 8M33 Engine

novembre 28, 2023

Lovol's Breakthrough with Baudouin 8M33 Engine. This collaborative achievement marks a significant milestone for both LOVOL and Baudouin.

Baudouin Takes Center Stage at Data Center Nation Event in Zurich

novembre 28, 2023

Baudouin proudly participated in the Data Center Nation Event held in Zurich this November. The event served as a platform for industry leaders, innovators, and experts to converge and explore the latest advancements in the data center realm. Baudouin made a mark by showcasing the potential of gas engines in the data center industry.

Baudouin’s Green Revolution: Embracing HVO Compatibility for a Sustainable Tomorrow

octobre 2, 2023

At Baudouin, we've set our sights on a sustainable future by embracing alternative fuels.

Showcasing Our Latest Engines at Middle East Energy 2023

mars 7, 2023

We are proud to be a Platinum sponsor of the Middle East Energy event in Dubai, one of the world’s leading energy exhibitions, being held from 7-9 March 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Center. Baudouin is headlining the event along with a line-up of 800 global exhibitors.

Baudouin, A Complete Hybrid System Supplier

septembre 2, 2022

Hybrid power. This technology is now a popular and trusted way to power your vessel, backed by a range of benefits.


septembre 15, 2022

Baudouin’s famous blue engines are turning pink this month. And it’s for a very good cause.

Unveiling Our New 6F21 Engine At The SMM Hamburg Trade Fair 2022

septembre 2, 2022

Our latest innovative engine, the 6F21, is being unveiled at the SMM International Maritime Trade Fair in Hamburg, one of the world’s top maritime industry events.

Vessel Owners Trust Baudouin’s Proven SCR Solutions

septembre 2, 2022

For over five years, the maritime industry has been transitioning to next-level emissions regulations such as IMO III and EPA 4.

US-based Power Solutions International (PSI) launches a groundbreaking new 8.8 liter 200 kWe Power System engine.

mars 4, 2022

US-based Power Solutions International (PSI) is launching a groundbreaking new 8.8-liter 200 kWe rich burn gas engine, and has revealed its full, impressive specifications.

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