Baudouin provides power generation engines used for data center applications delivering high reliability and efficiency to support continuous power supply for critical applications. The M Series including M26, M33, and M55 platforms are the perfect solution to ensure uninterrupted power supply and reduce the risk of downtime for DCP applications.


Baudouin in partnership with PSI provides one of the most extensive range of Gas engines ideal for greenhouses applications to provide electricity and heat to support plant growth. These engines can be powered with a variety of fuel including natural gas and liquified petrolium gas, delivering low emissions.


Our dependable Baudouin PowerKit engines provide essential backup power, enabling hospitals and healthcare providers to deliver life-saving care with confidence and reliability. Our robust engines, ensure that even in the most challenging circumstances, healthcare institutions can continue their vital mission of safeguarding lives and well-being.


PowerKit engines used for commercial applications such as office buildings, resorts, or malls require high reliability and efficiency to support critical operations. The Baudouin PowerKit range delivers high output and fuel efficiency to ensure uninterrupted power supply and minimize downtime.


The Baudouin PowerKit range is designed to face the harsh and dusty construction environment thanks to its high power output and durability to support heavy equipment. The PowerKit range delivers low fuel consumption and easy maintenance to minimize downtime and maximize productivity on construction site.


Power generation engines are frequently used in the telecom industry to provide backup power to cellular towers and other critical telecom infrastructure in the event of a power outage. Baudouin PowerKit engines are highly reliable to ensure uninterrupted communication services.


Baudouin PowerKit engines are typically designed for mining applications as resistant to hostile environmental conditions, they provide reliable and efficient power in remote locations.


Power generation engines play a vital role in the oil and gas industry, as they are used to power drilling equipment and provide electricity for offshore platforms and onshore processing facilities. Baudouin PowerKit engines are designed to operate in hazardous and demanding environments, and can be powered by diesel fuel or natural gas.


Explore the capabilities of our PowerKit range, which includes a variety of features such as lean and rich burn gas engines, variable speed, and high-horsepower diesel engines.