Baudouin marine engines are typically designed to provide the reliability and robustness needed for fishing applications. Built to face hostile environments, the propulsion range delivers high torque and advanced fuel injection technology, allowing best-in-class fuel consumption in its class.


Baudouin provides Stage V certified marine engines compliant with regulation and ideal for inland waterway applications. Thanks to advanced technology, Baudouin designed its marine engines to be more fuel-efficient and to provide lower emissions along with reduced vibration to navigate through shallow and narrow waterways.


Baudouin marine range is built to withstand extreme environments and high performance demands. The engines deliver increased horsepower, speed, and maneuverability as well as enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced noise to support various military applications.


Baudouin marine engines used for offshore applications, such as oil and gas exploration or offshore wind farms, require high reliability and safety features to operate in remote and challenging environments. They are designed to face extreme weather conditions and deliver high power output to support large vessels and equipment.


Baudouin marine engines are ideal for passenger applications such as ferries or cruise ships. These applications require a balance of power and efficiency to transport large numbers of passengers. Baudouin provides low emissions engines which deliver quiet operation, and high maneuverability, as well as safety systems and backup power to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.


Tug boat applications require high torque and maneuverability to tow and push large vessels. Thanks to its robustness, efficient fuel consumption and easy maintenance, Baudouin engines are ideal to ensure maximum uptime and profitability for operators.


At Baudouin, we understand the demanding environments of workboats and their critical role in various industries. Discover how our engines ensure reliability, performance, and efficiency in the toughest conditions.


Luxury meets precision in the world of yachting, and Baudouin engines play a crucial role in delivering an exceptional experience on the water. Delve into the realm of high-end marine craft, and learn how our engines are the most compact and providing high power and dependability necessary for seamless voyages.


Discover the Excellence of Our Baudouin Marine Propulsion Systems, Encompassing Precision in Design, Power Efficiency, and Cutting-Edge Technology.