A complete hybrid system supplier, Baudouin hybrid solutions offer options for engine downsizing, flexibility in power & fuel management and optimization of the maintenance cycle.

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Total Support From Design Through Commissioning

Just as we have been there for every milestone of your vessel’s journey, we are ready to support your green transition to hybrid power solutions.

Partnership With Experts

Being part of the Weichai group allows Baudouin to leverage technological expertise within our group and with marine specialists to be able to be able to provide a fully integrated hybrid solution for marine applications. Together, we off er our marine customers tailored systems that perfectly match their requirements.

Meeting Higher Emission Standards

+ Emissions reduction
+ Noise reduction
+ Engine downsizing
+ Flexibility: power and fuel management
+ Optimization of the maintenance cost
+ The large bandwidth of applications: Passenger vessels, ferries, yachts.

Customer Requirements

Baudouin pure marine engines are known worldwide for their reliability and durability in a challenging marine environment. We are committed to designing marine powertrains that reduce exhaust emissions and control fuel consumption at any running cycle. In synergy with our sister companies, Baudouin experts have developed environmentally-conscious hybrid systems to answer complex customer requirements.

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Hybrid Modes

Series Hybrid with Genset

Utilizing onboard electrical generation systems, batteries can be charged and then discharged through onboard electrical motors to allow for low noise and zero-emissions operation. Efficiency
improvements through optimal loading of the generators can improve fuel consumption, service costs, and exhaust emissions allowing reduced running hours and full electric operation.

Parallel Hybrid With Inline Electric Motor

A diesel engine is connected via a clutch and gearbox to the propeller in a standard propulsion system. Also connected in parallel to the gearbox is an electric motor and battery pack, enabling the system to switch between an electric drive or a standard diesel motor. During operation the engine can be used to recharge the batteries which are then discharged to improve overall system efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and allowing for zero emissions running.

Diesel Drive Mode

+ E-motor off
+ Propulsion by main engine (Diesel)
+ Hotel load by main generator or battery

Electric Drive Mode

+ Main engine (Diesel) off
+ Propulsion by E-motor
+ Powered by main generator or battery
+ Hotel load by main generator or battery

Boost Mode

+ Main engine (Diesel) off
+ Main generator on
+ Propulsion by E-motor and main engine (Diesel)
+ Powered by main generator or battery
+ Hotel load by main generator or battery

Generator Mode

+ Main engine (Diesel) on
+ Propulsion by main engine (Diesel)
+ E-motor as generator driven by main engine
+ Main generator only switch on if additional load of battery or hotel load is required