Elevating Shipyard Operations with Advanced Propulsion Solution


Baudouin has established itself as a global leader in engine manufacturing, specializing in marine and power generation solutions. With a legacy of reliability and innovation, Baudouin engines embody unparalleled performance and durability, setting the standard for excellence in the industry.

Baudouin Genuine Marine Engines

For over a hundred years, Société Internationale des Moteurs Baudouin has been a leading name in engine manufacturing, particularly in the marine and power generation sectors. Since its foundation in 1918, Baudouin has been committed to producing high quality engines designed to excel in demanding marine environments where reliability and durability are paramount.

Our marine engines comply with the latest environmental regulations for marine and inland navigation.

By incorporating SCR technology, we are moving towards greener initiatives that meet higher emission standards.

With a Baudouin marine engine you can trust in:

  • Operational flexibility: Baudouin engines ensure operational flexibility and safety at sea, even in critical situations. They are versatile, adaptable, and meet diverse needs with power, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.
  • Compactness and robustness: They consistently deliver exceptional performance and are engineered for optimum power, efficiency, and reliability even in harsh maritime condition.

Are you seeking a marine engine solution for your project that comply with the latest regulations? Find out how Baudouin engines are right for you.

Baudouin Marine propulsion engines: Tailored for the sea

Baudouin understands the importance of efficiency and economy in today’s competitive market. That’s why every engine is meticulously designed to maximise performance while minimising operating costs, ensuring a long-term solution that offers unparalleled value and return on investment.

Baudouin prioritises customer satisfaction by providing a comprehensive range of genuine spare parts that are readily available to minimise downtime and ensure smooth operations.

With a global network of service centres and expert technicians, prompt and effective support is guaranteed to maintain peak engine performance.

Accessibility and Versatility

Accessibility and motor size are also central to Baudouin’s design philosophy. Recognising the different needs of its customers, Baudouin offers a variety of engine sizes and configurations to suit different applications and space constraints.

Whether a compact engine for smaller vessels or a larger powerhouse for industrial applications, Baudouin ensures accessibility without compromising performance or reliability.

Each engine is carefully designed to maximise available space while maintaining easy access for maintenance and service, ensuring optimum performance and longevity throughout its lifetime.



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