EnerKit : ready to power

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering incremental value to our partners, we have created an enhanced product offer that will make business easier, faster, and more cost-effective.

Baudouin PowerKit engines: Powering Data Centers with Reliability

EnerKit is a semi-finished solution that will help you increase manufacturing speed, cost, and efficiency while removing logistics challenges related to the assembly and handling of large and heavy pieces of equipment.

In addition to our well-known PowerKit product range, with the introduction of EnerKit, you will now be able to choose between the following options:

PowerKit engine +

  • Alternators of choice
  • Mechanical and Electrical Radiators
  • Assembly of the above-mentioned components on Skids, including Anti-Vibration Mounts (where available)
  • Other commonly used options

New DCP ratings for Data Center Generator

Furthermore, to support you in securing more business in the rigorous and demanding data center generator markets, we will release 3 new uprated DCP ratings:

  • 2500 kVA DCP power, based on 20M33 PowerKit engines
  • 3000 kVA DCP power, based on 12M55 PowerKit engines
  • 4000 kVA DCP power, based on 16M55 PowerKit engines

The ratings mentioned will ONLY be available in the Enerkit configuration, which consists of the PowerKit engine, a radiator of choice, and an alternator of choice mounted on a skid.

This configuration provides simple and trouble-free solutions that adhere to our design requirements, with particular attention to torsional vibration and full system validation. Baudouin guarantees product performance, power output, longevity, and warranty through the selection of Enerkit solutions. Furthermore, with Enerkit, you can benefit from Baudouin’s exceptional lead times and economies of scale in manufacturing and supply chain, ensuring competitiveness as always.

EnerKit : the “Ready to Power” solution, from Baudouin