Student Opportunities

We understand that embarking on a career journey as a student can be both exciting and overwhelming. Here at Baudouin, we believe in providing valuable opportunities and meaningful experiences to shape your future.

At Baudouin, we value the fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and enthusiasm that students bring to the table. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment that fosters growth, learning, and collaboration. Our commitment to your success extends beyond just providing job opportunities – we are here to guide and mentor you along your path, helping you build a strong foundation for a successful career.


“After 7 years of working, I decided to resume my studies in the field of international commerce. Thanks to my school, I discovered Moteurs Baudouin and applied for an internship. This internship provided me with the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in international trade and logistics while I was engaging in discussions with distributors around the world. I worked on various topics related to international trade, such as ground, maritime, and air transportation, documentary credits, and more. I truly appreciated being part of a multicultural team. Coming from Portugal and Paris before settling in Marseille, it held great importance for me. We shared the same energy, even though we worked in diverse areas and fields and came from different cultures. After 3 months, I assumed new responsibilities and took charge of a new country with complete autonomy. Following my internship, I joined Baudouin as a full-time permanent employee!’


“Those two years of apprenticeship at Moteurs Baudouin were a genuine opportunity for me. I had the chance to interact seamlessly with all the departments, and I learned and grew in contact with all the people I worked with. I see the company changing every day to reach its ambitions, and I am proud to be a permanent part of this adventure as an H.R. Generalist. Baudouin is diverse and filled with potential and knowledge, and I trust the company has a brilliant future ahead.”


“My journey from an intern to a full-time Marketing Coordinator at Baudouin has been truly transformative. During my internship, I gained invaluable skills and discipline, and I’m grateful for the guidance and mentorship that set the foundation for my career. Now, as a full-time collaborator, I’ve taken on increased responsibilities and contribute significantly to the growth of our global brand recognition. Baudouin’s supportive culture and my wonderful colleagues have made this journey fulfilling.”