Advanced motorisation: Power, comfort and durability for Industrial Applications

The agriculture and construction industries encounter various challenges. Environmental regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, requiring agricultural and construction vehicles to meet emissions standards to reduce pollution and mitigate environmental impact.

Modern engine technologies incorporate advanced emission control systems to minimize harmful exhaust emissions, ensuring compliance with regulations and promoting environmental sustainability.

Baudouin offers a diverse range of industrial products designed to meet your specific needs with exceptional flexibility.

We are committed to providing you with a comprehensive selection of industrial motors that are specially designed to meet the diverse needs of the agricultural, construction, and special projects sectors. Whatever your specific needs are, we have the right solution for you. In addition, we are working the major actors in the sector so that we are able to provide powertrains.

Optimised comfort and performance

Our products are designed to provide a comfortable user experience. They reduce noise and vibration, creating a more pleasant working environment. Additionally, they can reach impressive speeds, allowing for high productivity anywhere.

Optimum fuel economy

We prioritize energy efficiency and fuel economy. Our engines are optimised for low fuel consumption, saving you money while minimising your impact on the environment.

Compliance with stringent standard

We prioritize compliance with the most stringent standards, and our engines proudly meet the Stage V standard. This ensures optimum performance and regulatory compliance in all applications.

Competent service network

We offer a wide range of products to help you find the best solutions for your needs. In addition, our expert service network provides reliable and responsive support to keep your industrial engines running smoothly.

Consumers are increasingly demanding faster and better transport solutions, requiring advances in engineering. At the same time, manufacturers are facing increased expectations to deliver vehicles with reduced noise emissions and improved fuel efficiency.

In addition, electrification has become a prominent topic of discussion. Technological advances in this area promise to increase fuel efficiency, improve connectivity between vehicle and driver, and potentially lead to long-term cost reductions. However, the transition to electrification poses significant challenges.

Industrial Solutions for Agriculture


Agriculture plays a crucial role in meeting the increasing demand for food. Farmers and those involved in the industry face challenges in ensuring sustainable and sufficient food production. Innovation and efficiency are essential in this sector.

Engines are integral to modern agricultural machinery, shaping its efficiency, sustainability, and effectiveness in farming practices.

Engines are at the heart of agricultural vehicles, driving efficiency, productivity and environmental performance. They provide the power needed for tasks such as ploughing, hauling and irrigation, while ensuring fuel efficiency and compliance with environmental regulations. Engine reliability and durability are essential for continuous operation in demanding conditions.

Their adaptability to different tasks and integration with advanced technologies enable precision farming practices and consistent performance in different environments.






The construction sector is booming due to increasing urbanisation and rapid economic development in many developing countries. This expansion requires a robust infrastructure that meets the changing needs of populations while addressing the environmental and social challenges associated with rapid growth.

Engines are the essential powerhouses of construction equipment, driving functionality, efficiency and environmental responsibility on construction sites. They provide the power needed to perform tasks ranging from heavy lifting to grading and paving, ensuring the smooth running of construction projects.

Today’s engines prioritise fuel efficiency, reliability and durability, meeting sustainability goals while withstanding harsh conditions. Their versatility and integration with advanced technologies give equipment precision and performance, boosting efficiency and productivity on construction sites around the world.

Stricter emissions regulations have been introduced, resulting in significant costs for companies. Compliance can also be complicated and costly due to the lack of uniformity in emission control across countries, especially in emerging markets.
The need for speed and comfort is a major

Industrial Solutions for Constructions

Crawler Excavator

Skid Steer Loader

Dump Truck


The Baudouin Variable Speed range ensures dependable performance and is designed for straightforward maintenance and durability, even with fluctuating fuel quality, making it suitable for industrial applications. This range is optimized for operations between 1500 and 2200 RPM, with power outputs ranging from 30 to 1715 kW.

Industrial Solutions for water pump

Baudouin Variable Speed Engines

Baudouin offers various industrial variable-speed engines, which are the most demanding in non-road applications due to their intelligent speed control based on load demand. Delivering improved fuel economy while ensuring reliable power delivery with lightning-quick transient response and best-in-class governing accuracy for stable, uninterrupted supply.

These compact, modular engines are engineered for demanding conditions with a heavy-duty aluminium bar-and-plate radiator with an efficient core design for effective heat dissipation and prevention of overheating, and a dual-stage air filtration system that shields the engine from dust and contaminants, enabling long service intervals.

They offer reduced fuel consumption, emissions (CO, NOx, particulates), and maintenance by operating at optimal efficiency, improved combustion, and lower engine wear, extending engine life and overhaul intervals, thereby providing significant cost savings, environmental benefits, installation flexibility with their robust design, and an industry-leading warranty of 2 years or 2500 working hours.



With Baudouin, you can trust our extensive network of expert partners, prepared to assist you no matter where you may be.