Green solutions


As a leading provider of power solutions, we understand our responsibility to the environment and future generations.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures our products meet environmental standards while delivering peak performance and cost efficiency throughout their lifecycle.

To achieve sustainability, we follow the Stage V NRMM and 44th BImSchV emission regulations.

Our engines exceed the toughest regulatory standards, reducing emissions while maintaining performance, setting new standards for environmental responsibility in our industry.

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HVO Compliance

HVO, a renewable diesel substitute, is central to our sustainable energy commitment, significantly cutting greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Leveraging organic materials, we promote cleaner energy and reduce dependency on fossil fuels

Biogas and LPG compatibility

Biogas and LPG provide eco-friendly alternatives for gas engines, enhancing our sustainable energy range. Utilizing biodegradable waste, we create clean-burning fuels, reducing environmental impact.

New Energy

Fuel cells optimize energy conversion, while ESS ensures flexible savings and supply security. Committed to a sustainable future, we leverage these technologies to shape a greener tomorrow


*It’s important to note that HVO may result in slightly higher fuel consumption compared to conventional diesel, primarily due to its expected lower power density. Therefore, analysing the fuel composition before evaluating engine performance is advisable.

To meet the requirements of Phase V, we have designed engines for mobile and rental applications. The 6M33 and 12M33 offer peak performance from 500 kWe to 1MWe to meet demanding operational needs. These engines are fully compliant with NRMM Stage V regulations.

Additionally, we have designed industrial engines that meet stringent emissions standards, ensuring superior performance, efficiency and reliability.
Our new top-of-the-range motor, the 4M12, is capable of covering a wide range of industrial applications.

In addition to emission reduction, these engines offer several benefits, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing costs.

With a Baudouin you can trust in:

  • Simplified maintenance
  • Fuel efficiency and reliability
  • Seamless integration


91% NOx reduction

78% PM reduction

98% CO reduction

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92% NOx reduction

76% PM reduction

99% CO reduction

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Available in suitable Stage V


Reducing up to 90% emissions

Baudouin, in partnership with Power Solutions International (PSI), offers a range of gas engine options, crucial for European companies aiming for zero carbon emissions amid stricter regulations. The PowerKit Gas series, with outputs from 63 to 1750 kVA, is efficient and eco-friendly.

Featuring switchable engine technology, it seamlessly transitions between 60-50Hz frequencies, supporting both natural gas and LPG for lower CO2 and NOx emissions.

Automated fuel control simplifies operation, while ACES technology enables Flare Gas operation for sustainability.

Our Powerkit gas engines offer several advantages as clean, cost-effective, and readily available fuel

Fuel cells are transforming power generation engines with their efficient and ecologically beneficial technology.

Fuel cells demonstrate superior energy efficiency and pollution reduction compared to traditional engines, indicating a pathway towards a more sustainable energy future.

With ongoing advancements, fuel cells are poised to play a significant role in addressing the world’s energy needs.


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