Hands-on Service Maintenance at The Baudouin Training Academy

Are you a mechanical or electrical engineer, technician, supervisor, or plant manager in the diesel or Gas engine industry? Elevate your expertise and operational efficiency with our comprehensive courses from The Baudouin Training Academy. Discover the benefits of our service technical training programs designed to meet your professional needs

Covering an impressive 700 square metres, our facility has been meticulously designed to meet a variety of learning needs. With dedicated state-of-the-art classrooms, a fully equipped practical training area with engines to work with and secured change room lockers, The Academy provides an interactive and proactive environment for mastering our products.

Here we provide comprehensive mechanical and electrical service training and ongoing support from our after sales team, enabling partners to deliver exceptional service to their customers. Our courses ensure that partners and are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to succeed in the diesel and gas service industry

Why should you attend a Baudouin Training Course?

  • Baudouin Training offers both online and onsite training for many of its courses. Our online courses are accessible from the comfort of your home via Teams or Zoom, while our onsite courses are conducted with our expert instructors.
  • Our instructors have over 30 years’ experience in the installation, diagnostic, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of Diesel & Gas Engines and Power Generators.
  • Even minor issues such as a failing sensor or faulty alarm can lead to significant shutdowns. This is why mastering our engines, via our courses, will increase performance and boost fuel economy for your customers’ engines.
Training mecanic engine

Our course schedule covers a wide range of topics, from fundamental principles to advanced diagnostic techniques. Whether you’re a mechanical or electrical service engineer looking to enhance your expertise, a technician aiming to refine your skills, a supervisor overseeing plant operations or a plant manager focused on reducing operational costs and increasing production, our programs are designed to meet your needs and ensure an outstanding service.

Becoming proficient in fault diagnosis will strengthen your operational effectiveness and maintain the optimal performance of your technical service. Effective troubleshooting is crucial for quickly identifying and resolving issues with malfunctioning components and systems, reducing downtime, improving efficiency, and sustaining a reliable maintenance schedule. The Baudouin Training Academy provides detailed, expert technical training courses to support your Field Service Engineers in shaping the future of our sector

What will you take away from our hands on training?

  • A basic to advanced understanding of Baudouin’s engines, their maintenance, and repair.
  • A solid ability to solve issues related to diesel engines.
  • In-depth knowledge of evolving diesel engine technologies and new advancements.
  • Improved ability to interpret service manuals and work efficiently.
  • Enhanced decision-making skills regarding diesel engine repair.
  • Better fault detection and eradication techniques, reducing repair costs and time.
  • Effective strategies for complying with emission regulations and applications.
Hands on engine mechanic training

Certification is essential in the mechanic industry and our programmes are carefully designed to prepare partners and OEMs for certification exams. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you’ll be thoroughly prepared to achieve Baudouin certification as a certified marine or powerkit diesel mechanic.

PowerKit mechanic training.png

PowerKit Mechanic Training

Master the intricacies of powerkit diesel engines with our specialized training programs. Our training focuses on understanding the operation of the electrical system, learning maintenance procedures, and identifying external engine components for effective maintenance planning. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in powerkit diesel engines, enhancing your ability to support your customers.

Marine Mechanic Training

Embark on a journey of marine mechanic training at Baudouin Training Academy. Our comprehensive programmes prepare partners and OEMs to
confidently service marine engines and equipment.

Our marine mechanic training goes beyond routine repair and maintenance. Partners and OEMs gain valuable insight into installation best practices, enabling
them to tackle installation challenges with confidence. They will also develop a deeper understanding of essential maintenance procedures that are critical to optimising marine engine performance.

Equipped with troubleshooting techniques, partners and OEMs can quickly identify and resolve problems, ensuring customer satisfaction and enhancing their professional skills.

Marine mechanic training

Enroll in Baudouin Training Academy and embark on a journey to strengthen your success as a partner or OEM in the diesel mechanic industry. With our comprehensive programs, expert instructors, and state-of-the-art facilities, we’re dedicated to helping you deliver exceptional service to your customers, ensuring mutual success and satisfaction.

Baudouin operates in over 100 countries, ensuring expert assistance and seamless customer care. Our service network spans the globe, ensuring comprehensive customer support. The Training Academy, designed as a dedicated partner support system, cultivates a pool of skilled professionals who are crucial to our business success. This approach enhances both partner engagement and customer satisfaction, and strengthens our global operations.

Hands on diesel training

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