Ensuring Uninterrupted Operations for Data Center Generator


In our modern digital landscape, the role of data centres in supporting the infrastructure is paramount. These critical hubs require not only power, but also a consistent and reliable supply in order to seamlessly navigate the of our digital age. This is where data centre generators, commonly known as gensets, step in as an indispensable asset. Their critical function is to is to provide robust backup power solutions, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of energy and strengthening the resilience of our and strengthen the resilience of our digital infrastructure.

Baudouin PowerKit engines: Powering Data Centers with Reliability

Baudouin PowerKit engines have the widest range on the market. It meets all the highest requirements for data centres, including Uptime Institute compliance, load acceptance, and power efficiency for data centers backup power generator.

Baudouin is also known for its best-in-class lead times, giving companies confidence in meeting project deadlines with speedy delivery.

With a presence in over 130 countries and with 350 strategically located service points worldwide. Baudouin is a certified aftermarket support provider.

Our training schools in Singapore, France, and Dubai provide hands-on experience to prepare technicians. We are also planning to open a new training school in the United States.

Furthermore, our extensive inventory of spare parts ensures prompt responses for parts supply, reducing downtime for our DC customers’ operations.

Our solution for Data Centers

Our tailored modular solution is based on two platforms: the M33 (12/16/20 cylinders) and the M55 (12 and 16 cylinders), offering a power range from 1150 kVA to 4000kVA.

We prioritize key considerations in engine engineering, including:

  • Transient performance: Our M33 and M55 platforms exceed market load acceptance standards, functioning as ISO 8528-5 G3 engines with excellent load acceptance and rejection. We optimize transient response through different turbocharger configurations.
  • Redundancy Options: The data centre requirements can be met with dual starting motor redundancy.
  • Reliability: Our engines have a proven track record with impressive overhaul service intervals (32000 hours for M33s, M55s), demonstrating the durability and reliability that is crucial for data centres.
  • Ratings: Dedicated optimized DCP ratings comply with Uptime Institute standards.
  • Power Quality: Our engines can handle harmonics generated by IT loads. They can accommodate oversized alternators that are compatible with major suppliers for both low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) applications. This is crucial in data center.
HVO for data center generator

Meeting Rigorous Emissions Standards

Our PowerKit diesel engines are compatibles with the Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils (HVO Diesel) a more sustainable fuel option. This can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

Power density for data center generator

Power Density

With power outputs from 18 to 4125 kVA, PowerKit Diesel engines ensure seamless power supply for uninterrupted operations by providing reliable backup power during grid failures

Load Acceptance

Our diesel power kits can handle sudden increases in electricity demand when switching from electric to generator power.


With Baudouin, you can trust our extensive network of expert partners, prepared to assist you no matter where you may be.

Data Generator power the city

What are data Center Generators?

Data centre generators play a critical role in ensuring seamless operations when the main power source is disrupted. Situations such as utility grid failures, rolling blackouts or unexpected events can jeopardise the functionality of data centres. These systems require an uninterrupted and reliable power supply around the clock. Any disruption in this supply chain can lead to potential data loss,file corruption and operational disruptions, ultimately resulting in significant financial losses.

How do Data Center get power?

Data centres typically draw high-voltage power from the utility grid and then distribute lower-voltage power to IT equipment. While the initial connection to the utility grid acts as a primary source of power, it also exposes data centres to vulnerabilities associated with grid failures.

In critical scenarios, data centre gensets that include standby generators act as the ultimate safeguard. Powered by diesel, natural gas or even HVO diesel fuels, these generators seamlessly take over in the event of a primary power source failure, ensuring uninterrupted operations and protecting against potential disruptions

At Baudouin, we design comprehensive solutions for data center power systems, incorporating backup power generators to strengthen the resilience of your infrastructure

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Data center generator is working

What are the roles of Data Center back up power generator?

The backup generator plays a crucial role in supplying power during a main power interruption. Power spikes resulting from the transition between normal and emergency power supplies can damage data center components. A brief power loss can cause a complete restart, leading to potential system downtimes, startup complications, and the loss of in-process information.

Baudouin stands out as a reliable supplier of advanced power solutions for these essential hubs of our interconnected world. In this dynamic environment, our M Series engines, available in diesel and gas, have the widest range on the market.

During challenges, these engines serve as dependable backup source of power for critical application.




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