Advancing Global Data Centers: Baudouin’s New Collaborations

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DateFebruary 5, 2024 Authorbaudouin-admin

Baudouin’s Global Data Center Advancements: Three Key Alliances

To continue its growth in the data center industries, Baudouin has formalized three agreements with influential industry associations in Europe and the Middle East. Baudouin is now officially a partner of three DC Associations:

Italian Data Center Association (IDA)

IDA aims to establish itself as a definitive authority in the Data Center sector. It strives to serve as a representative at the institutional level for the requirements of its member companies while also actively working to foster the growth and national visibility of the sector.

Data Center Association in Spain (SPAIN DC)

SPAIN DC links top-tier data centers and high-quality service providers in Spain with a singular objective: to enhance economic growth and elevate the profile of the data center sector before the government, media, and society.

Gulf Data Centre Association. (GCDA)

A trade organization fostering the growth of the data centre industry in the GCC. Established in September 2022, it boasts over 800 members across Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

These strategic alliances underscore Baudouin’s dedication to become a Key player in the Data Center Market by providing reliable and durable power solutions for data centers.

Fueling Global Data Centers with Advanced Power Solutions

Baudouin plays an important role in the global data center industry, providing advanced power solutions to secure facilities that are central to our digital infrastructure.

In the data center industry, Baudouin stands out for crafting tailored power solutions. Our M Series Engines, available in diesel and gas variants from 25kVA to 4150kVA, are key components. During challenges, these engines serve as dependable backup source of power for critical application.

The M Series Engines go beyond conventional reliability, offering an extended service life and advanced features to prevent downtime. Thriving in harsh environments, their cooling capabilities exceed 50°C ATB, making them well-suited for demanding warm conditions worldwide. Ensuring operational savings through high fuel efficiency, they demonstrate cost-effectiveness.

Our comprehensive services cover everything from setup to maintenance and spare parts. With prompt deliveries, compliance with the Uptime Institute, and rigorous HVO diesel testing to meet emission standard. Baudouin’s M Series Engine is a dependable provider, delivering advanced and reliable power solutions, summing up its commitment in the field.

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