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DateApril 15, 2024 AuthorSimon Sparacca

As a Platinum sponsor at the Middle East Energy event in Dubai, we are proud to be part of the leading energy event in the MENA region. The event showcases solutions aimed at delivering cleaner and more sustainable energy and features Baudouin alongside 800 global exhibitors. It takes place from 16 to 18 April 2024 at the Dubai World Trade Center.

As in previous years, this is an opportunity for us to showcase our latest products and developments, some of which are revealed for the first time at Middle East Energy.

Our exclusive product launch is the highlight of the event and is held on the first day of the show. CEO Fabrizio Mozzi outlines the engines’ various features in a speech before the curtain rises.

Stage V Engines – launching at Middle East Energy 2024

  • 6M33
  • 12M33
  • 4M12

A major highlight of our exhibit is the debut of our latest offerings. The Stage V engines 6M33 and 12M33 models, spanning from 500 kWe to 1 MWe, are engineered for optimal performance and reliability, particularly suited for mobile and rental applications while meeting rigorous emissions standards.

But that’s not all! As part of our Stage V showcase, we are also introducing our inaugural industrial Stage V compliant engine, the 4M12.

The Stage V engines are designed for high performance, power density reliability while significantly reducing emissions up to 98% NOx reduction

ENERKIT: Ready to power at MEE

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering incremental value to our OEMs, we have created an enhanced product offer that will make business easier, faster, and more cost-effective for our partners.

We are delighted to introduce our new EnerKit product offer, which will be powered by our legendary PowerKit engines and available from the 16M33 and above.

Enerkit is a semi-finished solution that will help OEMs increase manufacturing speed, cost, and efficiency while removing logistics challenges related to the assembly and handling of large and heavy pieces of equipment.

In addition to our well-known PowerKit product range, with the introduction of EnerKit, OEMs will now be able to choose between the following options:

PowerKit engine +:

• Alternators of choice between Leroy-Somer, Stamford and Meccalte
• Mechanical and Electrical Radiators
• Assembly of the above-mentioned components on Skids, including Anti-Vibration Mounts (where available)
• Other commonly used options

Furthermore, to support our OEMs in securing more business in the rigorous and demanding Datacentre markets, we will release 3 new uprated DCP ratings:

• 2500 kVA DCP power, based on 20M33 Powerkit engines
• 3000 kVA DCP power, based on 12M55 Powerkit engines
• 4000 kVA DCP power, based on 16M55 Powerkit engines

The above mentioned ratings will ONLY be available in Enerkit configuration (PowerKit engine + Radiator of choice + Alternator of choice mounted on a Skid)

PowerKit Diesel Engines: Reliable, Best in Class power solutions

Baudouin PowerKit engines have the widest range available on the market and meet all the highest requirements for data centers such as Uptime Institute compliance, load acceptance, are HVO tested & meet G3-ISO 8528 requirements. Baudouin is also renowned for its best-in-class lead times, giving companies the confidence to meet project deadlines with speedy delivery.

We showcase our 20M33, 12M55 and 16M55 PowerKit Diesel Engines.

Finally, to complete this journey we’ll showcase one of our PSI 8.8 lt gas engines, along with the more futuristic fuel cells and batteries designed for ESS (Energy Storage System). All of the above, highlight our commitment to provide a wider range of solutions for our customers, while reducing the carbon footprint in the energy business.