Baudouin and Grain de Sail are reaching for new horizons

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DateFebruary 22, 2024 AuthorSimon Sparacca

An Ecological Project for High-Performance Shipping

Piriou, a renowned shipyard in the naval sector, has recently built the Grain de Sail, a 52-metre cargo sailing vessel designed for wind-powered sailing. Piriou trusted Baudouin to equip the vessel with a 6M26.3 marine propulsion engine, renowned for its reliable performance and energy efficiency.

This project combines performance and sustainable innovation, creating a maritime adventure where performance and respect for the environment go hand in hand.

Baudouin 6M26.3: Environmentally Conscious Solutions for Maritime Navigation

Baudouin contributes to this initiative with the 6M26.3 + SCR engine designed for high performance, efficient fuel consumption, and simplified maintenance. This engine plays a crucial role in port manoeuvre and in critical situations, ensuring operational flexibility and safety.

Incorporating SCR technology, the project takes a significant step toward environmentally friendly maritime solutions, meeting European IMO III and US EPA standards.

The integration of eco-friendly technologies into Grain de Sail II serves as an example for the industry, illustrating how a combination of wind and engine power can balance environmental responsibility with competitive performance.

Grain de Sail II: A Revolution in Maritime Transport

Grain de Sail company aims to import coffee and chocolate from around the world while minimizing CO2 emissions by utilizing wind energy. To achieve this, the company has focused on constructing a specialized wind cargo vessel dedicated to transporting goods across the Atlantic.

Powered solely by wind, it stands as the largest cargo sailing vessel globally, featuring a 350-tonne load capacity and a minimal carbon footprint. Constructed from aluminium and equipped with 1500 m2 of sails, Grain de Sail II can attain speeds of 12 knots, reducing carbon emissions by over 90% in line with international shipping standards.

This project is in line with Baudouin initiatives to move towards green initiatives that meet higher emission standards. Our hybrid solutions are flexible in terms of power and fuel management and are switched to reduce exhaust emissions and control fuel consumption to match customer expectations.