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DateOctober 29, 2021 Authorbaudouin-admin

Baudouin has evolved towards greener power generation thanks to the new Baudouin gas engine range available now.

2020, a new era for Baudouin

From building Marine engines since 1918, through to the 2017 launch of PowerKit engines, Baudouin has continuously strengthened its product offering to satisfy the latest market and customer needs. Building on this century of success of our industry-leading diesel engines, 2020 sees a new era meeting new challenges.

In today’s world, power users need robust and cost-effective power generation systems that can help meet ever-increasing global emissions standards. We are proud to announce that PowerKit can now answer the challenge with reliable, economical and low emission gas-fuelled engines.

Blue is the new Green!

Using this clean, cost-effective and readily available fuel, the new PowerKit Gas series is available across a range of engine models. All are electronically controlled and CHP ready, with power outputs available between 63-1750 kVA 50Hz and 63-1400 kVA 60Hz.

The average efficiency of PowerKit Gas engines is impressive, up to 38% for the low kVA range and between 40-45% for the HHP 16M33 and 12M55 engines. Their innovative lean burn technology gives lower NOx emissions too (up to 4 times less than a diesel engine), a hugely important factor in today’s environmentally conscious world. The engines are also able to re-use gas created by industrial or agricultural processes, adding to their green credentials. Other features include ratings suitable for a range of applications, with highly competitive transient performance and block load acceptance.

One engine range for multiple applications

We look forwOperators are searching for more sustainable, productive energy solutions, and embracing cogeneration systems – also called combined heat and power (CHP) systems – which concurrently produce electrical and thermal energy from one single fuel source. Cogeneration not only drives higher efficiency and cuts down operating costs, but helps users comply with emissions standards and, in some countries, earn carbon credits, which can be used to offset emissions. PowerKit Gas answers the call with agile engines ready to integrate with CHP systems.ard to seeing the first-ever Baudouin Pink engines leaving our factory, as we join with our customers to support this great charitable cause.

In addition, the all new natural gas engines have been designed for robust performance, even when drawing from fuel sources of variable quality. Onshore oil and gas, co-generation projects (industrial greenhouses and waste treatment plants) and bottling plants, are just some of the applications ideally suited to the PowerKit Gas range. As fuel storage is not always required onsite, they are also the ideal solution for applications such as supermarkets and industrial plants that can connect directly to a mains gas supply. All are an excellent partner of renewable energy infrastructure, as their operating reliability can balance the intermittency of these sources of power generation.

With the launch of the new PowerKit Gas range, it’s clear that 2020 is set to be a game changer for us and our customers.