Baudouin is a gold sponsor of the 2022 Middle East Energy event in Dubai

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Datemarzo 4, 2022 Authorbaudouin-admin

Once again, Baudouin is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Middle East Energy event in Dubai, one of the world’s leading energy events.

The respected French engine manufacturer headlines a line-up of 800 global exhibitors for this highly anticipated live event, being held in March 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Baudouin will be showcasing their new PowerKit products and a new product line to the world. They are the only engine manufacturer consistently developing and releasing new products and ratings year on year. MEE 2022 will also be their first event since announcing an exciting new partnership with Power Solutions International (PSI).

Robust 4M06 VS

Baudouin’s PowerKit VS variable speed product line continues to grow, as showcased with the bestselling 4M06 VS, the most compact and the highest power output in its class. This engine is ideal for water pump applications in agriculture and industrial segments. The proven PowerKit VS engines are robust and reliable in difficult operating environments, with low fuel consumption and simple operation, taking pride of place on the stand this year.

Brand new 6M21 550 kVA 12.6L

Baudouin’s first new engine is a real ‘wow’ – best-in-class power density with 550 kVA coming from a 12.6L engine. Using a high-pressure common rail injection system for engines with ECU, its new technologies include a duplex fine filter and water separation filter assembly, along with a mid-position and below inlet turbocharger optimized for genset applications. And as expected from Baudouin, the 6M21 550 kVA 12.6L delivers competitive fuel consumption and excellent cooling performance achieving 50C LAT without derate.

Compact 8M21 660 kVA 16.7L

Also on the stand is Baudouin’s popular 8M21 660 kVA 16.7L engine, with a high-pressure common rail injection system for engines with ECU. Its V8 design provides compact power with a small displacement, competitive power density and fuel consumption, and a low total cost of ownership offering an efficient solution.

Brand new 20M33 2250/2500 kVA 66L

Baudouin are also unveiling their new 20M33 2250/2500 engines. These are built on the company’s proven M33 platform, which has thousands of units in operation around the world. Designed for critical power applications, the M33 engines offer common spare parts, and a real simplicity of service operations. Its robust construction includes a hardened steel forged crankshaft with induction hardened journals, crankpins and radius. Using a high-pressure common rail system, it has one high pressure pump gear driven in the V angle of cylinder block, while four turbo chargers deliver improved load acceptance. Of course, this unit also offers competitive fuel consumption.

Brand new 12M55NG 1750 kVA 66L

The Baudouin Gas range is also being expanded with a new engine, utilizing lean burn gas technology suitable for co-generation and tri-generation applications. The 12M55NG 1750 kVA 66L offers low methane capability, with minimum loss of power. Its other features include competitive load acceptance, high ambient and altitude capability without derating, and competitive total cost of ownership.

Perfect Partners Baudouin & PSI

Along with their new product launches at the MEE, Baudouin have also announced that they are working with Power Solutions International Limited (PSI), the USA-based manufacturer of market-leading power solutions.

This new partnership means Baudouin is now the exclusive authorized distributor for PSI engines in Europe, Russia, the CIS, Middle East, and Africa, working alongside PSI’s energy business unit. The Baudouin network will also service PSI engines in the field and provide all aftersales support to these regions.

Baudouin will distribute PSI’s gas engines utilizing rich-burn technology, including 2.4L to 53L gas engines rated from 26-1325 kVA, which run on Natural Gas or Liquified Petroleum Gas. More products are in development and will be revealed soon.

Meanwhile, Baudouin’s own service network is growing rapidly. 25 new service points were added in 2021 and they are leveraging an ever-increasing spare parts inventory globally to support customers faster than ever before.

Middle East Energy is well established as one of the leading global energy events, where industry buyers and sellers get together to showcase the latest trends. Baudouin is proud to be at forefront of these innovations with their exciting new line-up of products and service offerings.