Baudouin 6F21: Powering Innovation at Euromaritime 2024

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Dateenero 8, 2024 Authorbaudouin-admin

Baudouin Showcases 6F21 Marine Engine at Euromaritime 2024

Leading marine propulsion engine manufacturer Baudouin is set to showcase the 6F21 marine propulsion engine, at the upcoming Euromartime 2024 trade show. Designed to redefine the standards of power, efficiency, and reliability, the 6F21 is revolutionising marine propulsion technology.

A Versatile Engine for Diverse Needs

The 6F21 delivers up to 735 kW/1,000 hp from its 12.5-litre displacement, making it one of the most powerful engines in its class. Its compact design, with a height of only 1,150 mm and a width of 654 mm, makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from yachts and passenger vessels to commercial fishing boats and workboats, the 6F21 delivers the power and efficiency required for demanding marine operations.

Advanced Technologies

The 6F21 is powered by a 6-cylinder configuration, with a two-stage turbocharger system, two intercoolers, and a high-end common rail system. These technologies deliver exceptional power, efficiency, and compactness.

Compactness for Optimized Engine Room Space

The 6F21’s compact dimensions are a key advantage, allowing for efficient utilization of engine room space. This frees up valuable space for other critical components, enhancing overall vessel functionality.

Environmentally Conscious and Fuel Efficiency

The 6F21 complies with IMO II and EPA 3 emissions standards, with IMO III and EPA 4 compliance coming soon. Its advanced common-rail injection system ensures optimal fuel consumption and minimal emissions, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable marine environment impact while maximizing operational efficiency.

User-Friendly Maintenance

The 6F21 is designed for ease of maintenance, with individual cylinder heads that facilitate easy access and inspection. This minimizes downtime and ensures maximum uptime.

Experience the 6F21 at Euromaritime 2024

Visit Baudouin’s stand E11 at Euromartime 2024 to learn more about the 6F21 marine engine and discover how it can transform your marine propulsion needs. Our experts will be on hand to answer your queries and provide insights about Baudouin marine engines.

Quote from Mr Fabrizio Mozzi, President at Baudouin:

“The 6F21 is the first step toward a new series of engines offering the best power in the market and consolidating Baudouin as a trusted solution both for the commercial and pleasure market,” Fabrizio Mozzi, president at Baudouin said. “For larger applications, we are also preparing to expand the burgeoning F series with an 8-cylinder 17L version of the engine, coming soon.”

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